Friday, August 29, 2008

After a 6 Month Deployment....

How much time does it really take to get back to normal after a 6 month+ deployment? Well most people are in a state of shock to hear that by Tiffany's standards, it takes at least the amount of time that the deployment elapsed for the household to return to normal. For instance, if it is the husband who is in the military, and deployed throughout the years, then the wife must take on all household duties while the husband is away. The things that a wife might not typically do if she had a husband available to her. You may take for granted:

*Your husband unclogging a toilet that the children have stuffed full of...... (you fill in the blank here - be creative!)
*Your husband fixing a leaking sink, faucet, water hose, etc.
*Your husband taking out the trash
*Your husband going into the attic to bring down winter/summer clothing
*Your husband providing a balanced disciple routine for the children to follow
*Your husband playing with the children when you need a break!
*The possibility of ever having a moment to yourself, going to the grocery store in peace, or taking care of personal hygiene issues such as the monthly haircut or the occasional manicure.

For those who know exactly what I have previously experienced, this is just a reminder. And for those of you who don't, just thank God everyday that you have someone to lean on. Although the men in our lives will never be perfect (and quite frankly, don't even try to be), at least we have a man in our lives who will participate in the above home functions.

As for the time for everything to return to normal, I have had this conversation with others who do agree. Some of them complain of more time needed to adjust. If the deployment is six months long, they will need six months to a year to adjust. Then it's just about time for another deployment. At this time, we will be a shore duty family, and no more deployments are nearing. However, it's been only nine months since the last one and things are returning to normal at last. I'm no longer attempting to unclog toilets or stopping the leaky faucets.

For those of you who may be confused by this, wives are forced to take on these roles like champions. We must press forward, and we cannot let our household fall just because a piece of it is missing. When they return, it is difficult to stop being "in control" of everything at all times.

Personally, getting my hair done twice in a six month period is proof that it's time to let go of that "control" and let him help me!