Saturday, September 19, 2009

This summer has been quite a roller coaster! Between me being in the hospital, and having to bury a close friend, we've barely had time to realize how wonderful our children are as they are growing! Kaleo started school the day after labor day. Samson has been very upset every day when he is reminded that he will not be joining Kaleo at school. As we load into the car every morning, he packs himself a backpack full of supplies he deems necessary to bring. He has high hopes that I'll let him stay one of these days.

Samson has informed me that the baby in my belly is his baby. And that he is going to take care of it. Kaleo has stated that he will be taking care of the baby, and my job will be to tend to Samson.

Samson told me Friday, after we'd dropped Kaleo & Esias (one of my daycare kids who also goes to Kaleo's school part time) off at school, that he knows his name is Samson but he wants me to always call him Sammy. He shrugged when I asked him why, but I still thought it was pretty funny, and completely out of context to our conversation at the time.

We are watching Babe right now as our Saturday movie night. Samson chose it while Kaleo was outside working with Davin welding something together (Davin has the proper protective masks for them both), and Kaleo is very unhappy with the choice. He'd much rather watch Scooby Doo for the 867th time this week. But hey, I have a lot to be grateful for! At least he's off the Grinch phase!

Samson's new kick is changing his clothes every hour. He goes into his drawers and picks a new outfit for every situation. I don't understand it one bit. I do laundry every 4 days or so, and he had (no exaggeration) 17 pairs of underwear that were in the dirty laundry. And not because he has accidents or anything, but because he just changes his clothes so much. Because Davin saw the stack of laundry that Samson had to put away, he has made a new rule: Samson may not change his clothes during the course of the day. We've already had massive throw downs today because of this new rule being put into place.

Luckily, Davin dealt with it in it's first effectual day because I was at the Crisis Pregnancy Center doing some volunteer work today. And speaking of that, it seems so funny to me that the work with pregnant teenagers or any other unplanned pregnancy is less draining than my job running the military home daycare. Of course, it's only when I choose to do it, but I believe that speaks measures about the military's daycare policies.

Well I must get back to the husband & kids. They are watching Babe and eating some kind of candy that should probably be regulated by the female of the house. Otherwise, the children will never go to sleep tonight unless drugged with some benedryl or something of that nature. Haha, I'm kidding, I've never even administered benedryl to the kids, but I know it puts me to sleep! I'm tired myself already, and my feet are hurting.

The best news of the week is... I have vomited in 6 days. It is truly a record. I am now able to take prenatal vitamins daily, and am feeling so much better. I had forgotten what it felt like to have energy, to not have to walk around with barf bags in my purse, and to desire to eat! Finally an appetite! 20 weeks & counting. We go for more measurements to be sure of the due date in October. Right now, it looks like I'm due somewhere between Feb 1 & Feb 22. Hurray! I'm half way there!