Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The title doesn't really refer to our children's Christmas-time experience. However, we do know the real reason for this season is the birth of Christ and not the commercialized event that it has become. I'll start by saying that... before I get into what funny things they have said lately.

We were watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" which is a pretty common movie to watch this time of year. It has a great point. A child, we don't really know his age, has conflicting thoughts about Christmas. Why? Because of the commercialization and so many things that come along with it. For instance, questions like, "Why aren't we nice to each other every day, instead of just on Christmas Day?"

Anyway, Kaleo, my very sensitive sweet-hearted child, asked me towards the end of the movie, "Where are all their mommies & daddies?" I guess it had never dawned on me that there are absolutely no adults in the Charlie Brown holiday movies. I say this because I bought them the set of movies. The "great pumpkin" and the "Thanksgiving" and the "Christmas" movie all in one handy set. No parents. No adults. Very strange. And yet, I never noticed it.

So Christmas is truly upon us. I have friends who enjoy the hussle & bustle & get out & fight the crowds and go to the malls & do all of the shopping the last two weeks before Christmas. Not me. I had my shopping pretty much done in October. And most of it, I had done online with free shipping. I don't understand why people wait until the last minute, or why anyone would want to go out and fight crowds. It takes away from the joy of the season, doesn't it? Those angry Christmas shoppers do not bring joy, and when one of them bumps into you and yells into your face, for no apparent reason, that does not bring anyone joy. I say, stay home, shop on Amazon & get your gifts before or after the rush. Stores have clearance sales in February & in October. Why not do your shopping in the stores then? And then the expense is spread throughout the year instead of all in the last two weeks of December.

We got the kids their big gift in September off of craigslist. Who cares if it's used? Two 50's, a quad-runner & a little dirt bike. They needed a little bit of work, but Davin fixed them up and has tested them out (that was the highlight of my day... watching him drive around the neighborhood on those little 50's). And now we're just waiting for the big day. Other than that, we really didn't dive into commercialism this year. We did try to have a little something for each individual, especially those we knew would be buying us things! But there was a $10 limit. I am not sure if that was reasonable. But it was what had to be done.

"Merry Christmas Charlie Brown"

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