Friday, March 26, 2010

Time to get back to it!

So here we are, new baby in my lap, and ready to get back into the swing of things. She'll be 5 weeks old tomorrow, and my excuses for not having the dishes washed or laundry done are not going to be accepted any longer (personal standpoint of course).

To describe childbirth, there was one contraction. And then there was an immediate urge to go to the hospital. Not necessarily out of pain but just the knowledge of what the urge to push actually means during childbirth. 7:44am this all began. She was born at 9:24am, after the hospital made me go through the normal vital-taking procedures, go through admittance since I was not pre-registered at this particular hospital, and then sent me into a triage room for what seemed like forever (Davin claims it was no longer than 5 minutes but what does he know?). And then they realized I was fully dilated & she was soon going to make her way into the world whether or not they put me in a birthing room or not. So they pushed the bed, quite frantically, down the hall into the maternity ward. (The nurse actually rammed the bed into the wall twice with me in it!)

Kipani is doing quite well breastfeeding. Her first two days were extremely challenging, because she had a bruise on her head from being in the birth canal, but after the bruise & swelling started going down, she started doing really well. We haven't had any trouble at all with it, other than me being STARVING! It seems like I'm just hungry all the time. Hopefully that will reside soon, because eating 8 times a day is fun and all, but its very time consuming.

The boys are doing well with the adjustment. Kaleo is helpful, and Samson is too. However, Samson is a little less than gentle. He claims he's being gentle even though his hands are doing something on the contrary. Hopefully he'll figure out what gentle means. We have gotten back into our routine this week. Davin had 4 weeks off, and this was my first week taking Kaleo to school and taking care of the daily things and dinner by myself. It went relatively smoothly, so I'm looking forward to another week!

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