Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy Boys!

Every single day, I try to think of something funny the boys either said or did. It's not real difficult, as I'm with them all day, everyday, and they certainly say a whole lot of hilarious things. The things they do surprise me.

Let's discuss Samson for a moment. He was rotten because I made him that way. To me, it was a cute rotten, you know. To others, probably a bit on the obnoxious side. I couldn't help it. From the moment he was born, he was just so sweet. The way he looked... fat cheeks, huge brown eyes that could melt your heart; I just never wanted to put him down for a moment. He stills thinks he's half infant because he wants to come ball up into my lap in the fetal position & let me hold him at least once every day. When I scold him, he cries like I've broken his heart. With Kaleo, it's different, Kaleo isn't affected like that when I scold him. I tell him no & he just says okay and shrugs it off. Samson just can't take it.

So yesterday, Davin & Samson were outside working on the motorcycles. It's the usual events for the mornings since Davin works at night a lot of the time. I hear Samson screaming, and of course, I have to run to his rescue. Davin tells me he peed in the garage next to the motorcycle! I think to myself, surely this cannot be!!! But lo & behold, it is true. Davin sends Samson to his room and much screaming ensues. It saddens me but at the same time, I know that he needs to know he did wrong.

So this morning we dropped the kids off at school (Kaleo & Esias). Afterwards, since Samson had been so well-mannered all afternoon after the incident, and also gotten dressed and followed directions this morning, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way home. I had a coupon for a free donut, so he thought it was the greatest thing that he got to pick the chocolate cake donut to sit and eat in the restaurant. I got the iced coffee, because it has been calling my name all week long. I suppose I used his good behavior to get myself a treat also! We had our little "date" and then we got back into the car and came home.

We had to pack back up into the car to pick the kids up for noon dismissal, and on the way there, Samson said, "Mommy, was I a bad boy today?" And I answered, "No, why do you ask that?" and he said "Well I was a bad boy yesterday". Of course, he's 3 years old & he knows how to break my heart right down the middle. I took the time to correct him, to let him know that he was NOT a bad boy yesterday. I would never want my children to think that they have gained the label as a "bad boy/girl" at any time. We discussed that his actions were bad, that peeing in the garage was bad to do, but that he was a good boy & he knew how to behave & be good. I proceeded to ask him if he would ever pee in the garage again, and he said "no because it's bad to do" so I'm hoping that this taught him something, but he certainly felt ashamed and somehow like a "bad boy" from the pent up guilt he had.

We all have learning to do!

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