Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Funny things Boys Do......

So it seems that I may be a bit distracted lately. In the form of my two young sons behavior, I have been able to detect how consequential a mother's distraction can actually be. They seemed to innocently ask if they could have a picnic outside. Why not? I thought to myself. It would be better than them making a mess inside! And so outside they went with their pizza rolls & apples. They were soon knocking on the door for more. That's fine, they are having fun eating outside. Little did I know, Hoku was getting quite a treat as they threw her whole pizza rolls for fun!

And then while at the top of the playhouse part of the swingset, I caught a glimpse of what looked like Samson pulling down his pants. And a longer glance led me to believe that there was something bad about to happen. He was pointing his boy parts down the slide, and was creating a "waterfall" if you will. As soon as I opened the back door, the waterfall stopped and both boys stared at me as if it were me who had lost my mind.

Yes, it would seem that they've had too much time with a distracted mother. And I vowed at that moment that I would not let them out of my sight for more than an instant.

And then came naptime. Surely I cannot stay with them every second, and I need a nap myself because getting up 2 and 3 times each night with a 5 week old baby has not been a cup of tea for me! But I heard noises and went into their bedroom, where I see Samson chomping on a giant piece of bubblicious. Nice. I sent him to spit it out in the trash. I asked Kaleo where he got the gum, since Kaleo is the one who has access to gum. Oddly enough, Kaleo didn't have any in his mouth. He claims that, "Samson MADE me get him gum".

Maybe I am a bit out of touch. But how in the world does a 3 year old MAKE a 6 year old retrieve for him a wad of gum? I think this equation is backwards, and does not seem to fit into the laws of any physics that I ever learned.

Even with that being said, this tired mama is continuing to hound these little boys to make sure they are behaving, keeping their room & playroom clean, and fitting into the proper boy-hood equation.

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