Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Amazing Feat

Today was challenging. I've had a headache for nearly three days because on Tuesday, I managed to bang the side of my head against an open car door and then a few short minutes later, banged the back of my head against the top bunk of the bunk bed while tucking Samson in. My head has been throbbing for days. There is nothing that helps. A jolt of caffeine won't assist my throbbing head this time. Not for bruises anyway.

So this afternoon, I put the children to bed. Kaleo & Samson went straight to sleep at 1pm. They didn't even try to stay up and talk to one another or anything, since yesterday Valerie & Noah came over for a play date & we went to the movies, out to lunch, etc. So they were exhausted today. And then Kipani usually stays awake when they are sleeping. She never wants to sleep when they do. It's almost like she knows she'll get to have one-on-one time with me if she stays up while they sleep. But at about 1:30, she started dozing. I thought to myself... this might just be a miracle. And then, fussing a little, fighting the inevitable. And then it happened... she fell asleep.

So from 1:30pm to 3:20pm, I had time to myself. I normally don't let the boys sleep past 3pm but I had to enjoy the few minutes I had. Swept the floor, washed the dishes, and sat down & read 3 chapters of a book. And there were no interruptions. No fighting children, no screaming or yelling, and no one came behind me & made more dishes or tracked in mud. Well, not yet. But the point is... it's quite amazing when every child in the house goes to sleep at the same time.

Amazing, to say the least.

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