Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Mary Jane silly!

While outside playing, one of the neighborhood kids came over & asked Davin what we had growing in our flower bed in the front yard. In all seriousness, Davin told the 10 year old that it was mary jane. The 10 year old girl did not catch the sarcasm and then responded, "Davin, that is a type of bread, so really... what are you growing here?" I have to admit that mary jane sounds much more interesting than the annual that was on sale at Lowe's for our front yard's tiny flower bed.

The boys have had quite a start to this week. Kaleo has been on spring break, and has been very busy doing boy things. The kinds of things that I have to ask "why would you do that?" and get the very familiar boy answer "I don't know". So the real question is... if he doesn't know why he did it, then who does? I would like to speak with this individual to try to convince whomever it may be that the strange boy things need to stop. There is a 3 year old and now an infant going to soon be following in his footsteps! Oh the humanity!

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